Photo of  a six ounce package of Old-Fashioned Caramel popcorn. Bag is transparent with sketches of caramel candy on the package. Buttery brown caramel popcorn is visible inside the package.
Image of the back of one six ounce package of Old-Fashioned Caramel popcorn. Contains nutrition facts panel and marketing copy found in the product description.
Close up image of one kernel of Old-fashioned caramel popcorn.

Old-Fashioned Caramel

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Our flavor inspirations come from our favorite food memories. Made with real butter and a hint of salt, our Old-Fashioned Caramel popcorn was created to celebrate the memories of eating hot, buttery caramel corn at the fair with family - the simple joys in life. Made with high quality ingredients and nothing artificial  - no high fructose corn syrup here. 

Our main mission is to give you the most delicious all-natural popcorn you’ve ever tasted. We wouldn’t want anything less for Maddy – or for you.

Non GmoGluten Free


*contains soy & dairy