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Image of 6 bags of Chocolaty Churro Popcorn
Image of 1 bag of Chocolaty Churro Popcorn. Package is transparent and you can see chocolate drizzled popcorn inside.
Image of back of 1 bag of Chocolaty Churro popcorn. Back contains nutrition facts panel and marketing copy.
Glamour shot of one exquisite kernel of cinnamon sugar dusted, chocolate drizzled popcorn.

Chocolaty Churro Popcorn (6-Pack)

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The churro is the perfect treat. Cinnamon, sugar, crunch, gooey. It has it all. If it stands alone, why do we need to add dark chocolaty drizzle? Well, as long as we're asking questions, if the sun is the brightest star in our sky, why do we also need the moon? 

Six 6 ounce bags of Maddy & Maize Chocolaty Churro popcorn.


Non GmoGluten Free